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ap soc connectivity

highly integrated diskless in-vehicleinfotainment soc


mt3353 is dedicated for the disklessin-vehicle infotainment system. it’s highly integration of arm11 cpu system,mali 400 gpu, 3 audio dsp processors, dual display systems, full hd videodecoder and is delivered in advanced 40nm processing technology, creatinguniversal platforms that are more stable and valuable at the most competitiveprice.

• arm11 up to 800mhz and arm9 up to 400mhz
• opgl es 2.0
• h.264/ mpeg-4/ rmvb/ vp6/mpeg-2/avs/vc-1
• cvbs in/ ccir 656/601/ video switch
• 5.1 channel for front / stereo for rear
• spidf out / i2s out
• pcm audio playback
• dual channel display
• tv decoder
• touch screen controller

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