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ap soc connectivity

mt6625l (4-in-1 connectivity rf chips)

mt6625l is a 4-in-1 connectivity rf chip which  is used for  ap soc mt3561 and ac8227l.


mt6625l is a 4-in-1 connectivity rf chip which contains a 2.4ghz wi-fi/bluetooth transceiver front-end,

a 5ghz wi-fi transceiver front-end, agps  receiver front-end and a complete fmreceiver.



• dual-band(2.4ghz and 5ghz) single stream802.11 a/b/g/n rf

• supports dual-band wi-fi and bluetooth tddoperation and sing-antenna topology with integrated tr-switches,             baluns and adiplexer

• integrated 2.4ghz pa with max. 20dbm cck outputpower and 5ghz pa with max. 17dbm ofdm 54mbps output             power

• typical rx sensitivity with companion chipmodem:-76.5dbm at both 11g 54mbps and 11a 54mbps mode

• integrated power detector to support perpacket tx power control

• build-in calibrations for pvt variation 

• fully integrate frequency synthesizers tosupport multiple crystal clock frequencies.           


• bluetooth specification v2.1 edr, 3.0 hs andv4.1 hs compliant.

• integrated pa with class 1 transmit power.
• typicalrx sensitivity with companion chip modem: gfsk -94dbm, dqpsk -93dbm, 8-dpsk-87.5dbm

• low-power scan function to reduce powerconsumption in scan modes.


• 65 - 108mhz with 50khz step
• support rds/rbds 

• digital audio interface (fm 2-wire bus)

• fast seek time 30ms/channel

• stereo noise reduction
• anti-jamming

• supports shot antenna


• rf support gps, galileo, glonass  and beidou.

• multi-mode filters for different gnss receiver modes.

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