Getting into The News

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Synthetic Urine

There are many promises made for these substances act as a substitute for real urine. These companies advertise products that are not real urine but promise to get you a clean drug test result. If you are willing to try it, no one can stop you, but you should know all of the risks involved with it. This method has the same risks as substitution plus a few extra ones. For example, you have no idea what is actually in these solutions, people can make whatever claims they want and you would likely be none the wiser. We have found to trust because they are very reliable. When the sample goes to the lab, there is the possibility they will figure out that the sample is synthetic which can result in you getting in a huge amount of trouble. 

Diluting Your Sample On-Site

When you feel that you are right on the line of passing or failing a drug test dilution is an option. This is when you add another solution to your urine sample to get the metabolites to have a low enough concentration that the test will come up as negative.  

Some people try to do it with just hot water. This is very risky as it is fairly easy for a lab to detect what you added just as it is with spiking. Dilution is different from spiking in the aspect that spiking aims to make the test unreadable but dilution is only trying to make the test read a lower amount of metabolites containing evidence of drug use. 

In conclusion, there are many ways to pass a drug test even if you are a regular drug user. Some are more extreme than others but with enough time to prepare it is fairly easy to get drug covered metabolites out of your system in time to pass a drug test. As long as you are willing to stop using for a few weeks then failing a drug test you had a warning of is nearly impossible.  

When a drug test comes without any warning, as they sometimes do, there are still methods you can use albeit they are on the more extreme side. In the end, it is all about weighing your priorities, will you give up drugs for a short time and work hard to flush them out to keep a job or not? If you are suspected, you will be selected randomly for a drug test are you desperate enough to try a high-risk method? When it comes down to it you can pass a drug test, just like any other medical test they are not infallible.